Feedblitz Adds Yahoo and MSN Messenger Support


Written on 1:45 PM by Unknown

FeedBlitz turns blogs and feeds into emails to subscribers. It reads your blog's RSS feed - a computer-readable form of your blog produced by all the blogging tools out there. It then figures out what's new and sends the updates to subscribers by email, instant messages.

FeedBlitz has now extended its IM support (Skype and AIM) to include beta support for the Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger.

Subscribers can choose Y! and MSN from the newsletter subscription page, or may interact with the chat bots by adding the following names to their buddy lists and sending the "?" command:

Skype: FeedBlitz.Alerts
Yahoo!: FeedBlitz.Alerts
MSN: FeedBlitz.Alerts@hotmail.com
AIM: FeedBlitzAlerts

FeedBlitz recently passed a circulation of 5 million on February 10.

Abu Dhabi to Get Futuristic Green City


Written on 2:27 PM by Unknown

Abu Dhabi has started to build what it says is the world's first zero-carbon, zero-waste car-free city.

Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co., also known as Masdar, will spend $22 billion developing the carbon- neutral city that will save the equivalent of $2 billion in oil usage over 25 years. The green city will use 75 percent less power than a conventional city, and less than half the amount of desalinated water.

There is also a financial payoff. Masdar fits neatly into Abu Dhabi's efforts to diversify from dwindling oil wealth. Its developers say that it will create 70,000 new jobs and boost the UAE's GDP by 2 per cent.

The project is unquestionably ambitious and forward looking not only in scope but also in the goals it is trying to achieve. Surely, Abu Dhabi has set a precedent and the pace on a regional and international level.