Playback iTunes audio with WiFi


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iphone 3gApple is working on an application aimed at letting people remotely control iTunes in the home via their iPod Touch or iPhone, according to a report on

The application is described in information included with the iTunes 7.7 pre-release version that was made available to developers on Thursday.

According to the MacRumors report, the application will "presumably" allow people to play back their iTunes audio with the help of Wi-Fi. The report offers these details from the developers pre-release version, based on the "Read Me" area of the iTunes installer:

Use iTunes 7.7 to sync music, video, and more with iPhone 3G, and download applications from the iTunes Store exclusively designed for iPhone and iPod touch with software version 2.0 or later. Also use the new Remote application for iPhone or iPod touch to control iTunes playback from anywhere in your home--a free download from the Apple Store.
Such an application would add momentum to Apple's unveiling of its iPhone software development kit in March.

Run Multiple Yahoo Messengers on one PC


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A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger allows you to remove all advertisements from Yahoo Messenger and run more than one Messenger at a time, .i.e multiple yahoo messengers can be opened and signed in on the same PC!

A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger doesn not really "patch" Yahoo, all it does is add some registry entries which disables the ads and enables multi-messenger for Yahoo Messenger.

At the moment it has only been tested with version but it may also work for other 8.x versions of Messenger.

Download A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger

Meanwhile, be prepared to chat with gtalk users from your yahooo account and vice versa. Thats the latest agreement between the bosses at Yahoo! and Google Inc.

Buying a Ceiling Fan Online


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Its summer time when the weather is fine, though not in all places. Summer time can be seriously irritating in some areas where excessive heat and humidity drain you of all energy. This is where the ceiling fan comes in.

Ceiling fans are a great value addition to any home. These provide the room with comfortable air movement and are available with lighting that add to the decorative touch. Choosing the apt ceiling fans for your home is an important decision. Ceiling fans also add a lot of beauty and charm to the interior d├ęcor of the room.

They are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes. And there are various brands to choose from as well.

However, ff you want to buy ceiling fans online, there is no better place than It offers thousands of unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers. Be it casablanca fans or craftmade fans, has it all. Their ceiling fan customization system assist you in configuring and ordering ceiling fans to exact specifications with all accessories. The fan search tool at quickly helps find the perfect fan for your application

Download Cool Blackberry Themes Free


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eVeek offers some extremely beautiful BlackBerry themes that can make your BlackBerry screen look and behave like an iPhone, the Mac OS X Desktop or the upcoming BlackBerry Bold.

These are premium BlackBerry themes and cost $8 each but you can have all of them for free for a limted time.

Open this link in your BlackBerry browser & download the themes directly or you can visit this link in the desktop browser and install the themes via BlackBerry Desktop manager. The latter option is recommended if you are subscribed to some expensive data plan.

The themes are available for most BlackBerry models including Pearl, Curve and the BlackBerry 8800 series.

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