Jesus Christ Conviction Illegal: Court Case in Kenya


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A group of Kenyans have grabbed media attention here after they filed a suit at the High Court challenging the arrest and sentencing of Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago.

The Friends of Jesus, through Judiciary spokesman Dola Indidis, told the court this week that they want to set the record straight that Jesus was innocent. They alleged that the arrest, torture and punishment of Jesus was unlawful and amounted to violation of his human rights.

Indidis told Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch that he discovered last week that a serious crime had been committed against Jesus. He said there was need to move with speed to seek orders to declare the punishment meted out to Jesus 2000 years ago illegal.

The prosecution named the respondents as Tiberius, the emperor of Rome between 42 BC and 37 AD, Pontius Pilate, the governor of Judea during the time of Jesus, Caiphas, the high priest, Jewish chief priests, Jewish elders, Jewish teachers of the law and King Herod of Galilee.

Lawyer Michael Chemwok said he had not served the respondents with the suit papers as required in law. It is not known how he is going to serve the papers on them to appear for the hearing of the case or even to appoint lawyers to represent them because they all died many years.

But the judge ruled that the case was not urgent and directed Indidis to take hearing dates from the court registry. The High Court is on vacation.


"Extinct" Dolphin Caught on Camera


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A sighting of a rare Dolphin, thought to be extinct, has been caught on camera in China

A Chinese man has videotaped a large white animal swimming in the Yangtze river, which experts say is a dolphin species unique to China and feared extinct, the official Xinhua agency reported on Wednesday.

The last confirmed sighting of the long-beaked, nearly blind baiji was in 2004. After an international team failed to find a single dolphin on a six-week expedition last year the species was classified as critically endangered and possibly extinct.

But the video from central Anhui province may renew slender hopes for the survival of the creatures also known as white-flag dolphins and traditionally considered a deity by local people.

"I never saw such a big thing in the water before, so I filmed it," dolphin-spotter Zeng Yujiang told Xinhua. "It was about 1,000 meters (yards) away and jumped out of water several times."

Wang Kexiong, of the Institute of Hydrobiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said experts at the institute had confirmed the footage was of a baiji.

Source: Reuters

A Month After Deathly Hallows


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deathly hallowsIts August 21, exactly one month after Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows was released worldwide. By now, all Harry Potter fans would have already read, and some even re-read the book twice or thrice! But what after this? Do you feel the same feeling of emptiness? The time is here when we wont be eagerly anticipating, discussing, and predicting the events of the next Harry Potter book.

Even though I did not really relish the 7th and final harry potter book (read my review of Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows), I do feel a sort of hollow within me. Maybe the same feeling which Harry felt after Sirius died. Though Harry hasn't really died, it seems his adventures have surely come to an end.

Harry Potter fans who will relsih anything Harry potter, here are some latest HP updates for you:

Do check out Emma Watson's official website if you haven't already, its quite nice!

IF any of you find a book as unputdownable and re-readable as Harry Potter, please let us know via comments.

Vista Trick: You Talk, Vista Listens


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Windows Vista offers speech recognition tools for those who would rather speak than type when communicating with their computers. After it has been set up, Vista’s speech recognition offers you yet another input method, one that is ultimately better than other methods if you have difficulty typing or mousing due to an injury or disability or if you simply lack the typing skills necessary to input data quickly. You can find the Speech Recognition options in Control Panel, but better than that, you can find it by typing Speech in the Start Search window. When you open Speech Recognition, you’ll see the options show in the figure below:

Configuring your Speech Recognition experience

The order in which the items are listed isn’t necessarily the order you should take when you first start using speech recognition. However, to start, you should click Start Speech Recognition. Vista will walk you through the setup process.

Starting Speech Recognition
When you click Start Speech Recognition, a wizard starts to help you through the process. You’ll need to have your microphone or headset installed prior to starting for the easiest setup. As you’re working through the wizard, you’ll be prompted to select your input method (microphone, headset, other), properly position the microphone, and speak a few words in your natural speaking voice. With that done, you’ll see the option to enable document review. By enabling document review, you can improve the computer’s capability to understand what you say, by allowing the computer to learn words and phrases you use when you speak.

Start Listening
After setting up Speech Recognition, you’ll see the listening window shown in the figure below. It continues to say Sleeping until you tell it to Start Listening. After you say the words Start Listening, the speech recognition interface changes to denote what you’re doing. That can be talking, clicking the taskbar (as shown in the following figure), or performing some other task. The Listening option shows what you’ll see if the Speech Recognition tool is waiting for you to say something. The following figure shows what you’ll see after you say “Start listening.”

Sleeping, Switched to taskbar, Listening

Opening the Speech Reference Card
Obviously, “Start listening” is a command Speech Recognition knows. But what else does it understand? To find out, open the Speech Reference Card. A Help and Support page opens with all kinds of information regarding speech tools. Click Common Speech Recognition Commands (see figure below)

Frequently used Speech Recognition commands

Here’s how this works: First, with the Speech Recognition tool running, say, “Start listening.” Follow that with “Move speech recognition.” Now, open Internet Explorer or any other window that can be scrolled up or down. Say, “Scroll down;” then say, “Scroll up.” You’ll get the idea how these commands work after playing with them a bit.

Taking the Speech Tutorial
Although you’ll be able to start communicating with Speech Recognition immediately, it’s best to take the Speech Tutorial as soon as you can. You can access the Speech Tutorial by selecting Control Panel, Speech Recognition Options. The speech tutorial will help you understand how speech recognition works and how to customize it to suit your needs and preferences.

In this particular page of the tutorial, you’re asked to say, “Show speech options.” If your computer understands the command then you are doing fine. If it does not, you’ll see “What was that?” in the Speech Recognition window.

Training Your Computer to Better Understand You
Finally, you can continue to train your PC to better understand you by completing the Voice Recognition Training, available by selecting Control Panel, Speech Recognition

Options, Train Your Computer to Understand You Better. During this training, you’ll be prompted to read the text on the screen and Vista will learn how you speak, what nuances are included in your voice or accent, and more. It’s recommended you work through the Speech Tutorial before doing this training.

Advanced Speech Options
You’ll probably want to visit the advanced speech options, available from the left pane of Control Panel, Speech Recognition Options. You’ll see the options in the following figure.

Configuring advanced Speech Properties

As you can see here, you can create additional speech profiles, which is useful if more than one person uses the SpeechRecognition program on this PC. In that case,you can select to run Speech Recognition at startup and configure microphones and audio input levels. If you’re interested in Text to Speech capabilities, notice there’s a tab for that, too.

For some excellent information on the Microsoft development of speech technology over the past decade, check out this link:

Guide to the Cell Phones


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Few tools of modern technology have become as prevalent as the cell phone, which allows you to be in touch (almost) all the time, (almost) anywhere. And you can do more than just talk--modern phones let you send and receive e-mail and text messages, and even surf the Web. Sifting through the sea of service plans and handsets can be difficult, but reading the right sort of cell phone reviews might put you on the right track.

How to Buy a Cellphone?

If you're shopping for a low-end cell phone, you can expect to spend anywhere from nothing to about $149. Many low-end phones are free when you sign a contract with the service provider, or after a mail-in rebate. Also, many cell phone companies offer great discounts when you purchase phones online. A typical cell phone costs anywhere from $150 to $299, while higher-end cell phones run $300 and up.

Because you'll be carrying the phone, its weight and size are fairly important factors to consider before you buy. Most cell phones weigh from 3 to 6 ounces; generally, the more expensive a phone is, the smaller and lighter it is. (PDA phones, however, are an exception to this rule; they tend to be bulkier and heavier than standard cell phones.)

Battery life is another important factor, since it determines how long you can go without recharging the phone, and you don't want to be stranded with a dead battery. Talk-time battery life can range from little more than 1 hour to over 10 hours, depending on your handset. "Standby battery life" refers to battery life while phone is on but not in use. Vendors will estimate both talk-time and standby battery life, but their estimates do not always reflect real-world usage.

Deciding between single- and dual-mode phones is less critical. Dual-band phones work on both analog and digital networks. They provide far greater coverage because digital networks don't cover the entire nation. Sound quality on analog networks isn't as good, however, and you may have to pay additional fees if you use the analog network on a digital plan.

Similarly, choosing among single-, dual-, tri-, and quad-band phones isn't critical for most users. The more bands a phone supports, the more frequencies it picks up.

Coming back to cell phone reviews, they help you best to compare between your favourite phones. For example, you might be interested in a Nokia N70 and Motorola RAZR maxx Ve, and you have a to make a choice between them. Of course, that's where the cellphone reviews come and help. You get to know the difference between features, prices, battery life and lots of other stuff.

Check out my First Forum


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Hello dear readers! Apologies for the long delay in posting. I was unable to post on account of busy-ness and laziness...Anyways, I got some news for you.

As you can gather from the title, I've just made my first forum at

You may wonder..."what on earth is slgp?????"

Well S.L.G.P. stands for Social Linking and Getting Paid! Actually, I've made it stand for those words. The reason I bought a domain like might appear absurd to some, but here's the story:

This was an expired domain that had a Google Pagerank of 4 when it expired, and someone was selling it at Digital Point forums. I bought it for $20 at that time (May 2007) but since I did not use its pagerank fell to 3 in the PR update that happened during the last week of May. So I got my act together and made a word cloud advertising site at the main domain, i.e.

However, I was worried that it might not be very seo friendly since the content was bound to be static. Hence, the idea dea for a forum on the subfolder. I haven't really promoted the word cloud site much yet, I'm actually hoping for it to get back to PR 4 in the next update so that I can profit better from it. So I've started promoting the Social Linking and Getting Paid Forums and have got a few good members there. The forum discusses things like blogging, social networking (orkut, myspace, facebook etc), social bookmarking (netscape, digg, stumbleupon etc) and other discussions related to the internet and blogging. You might call it a webmaster forum but its not because the forum categories dont go deep into hardcore webmaster stuff like scripts, domains, directories etc. In fact, I'm sure it will be a heaven for newbie bloggers, mid-pro bloggers, internet geeks and laymen alike. The basic aim of this forum is to help bloggers achieve profitability and popularity from blogging.

We are a small community right now and I'll be grateful if you could sign up and help contribute to it - Cheers!