Importance and Surces of Protein


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Protein is one of the basic building blocks of the body. It is an essential part of your diet and can influence your strength but probably not your energy. Your muscles are built with protein and in fact protein is made up of 20 amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and 9 are essential, they cannot be created and must be eaten meaning the other 11 amino acids can be created by our body.

If you are a health enthusiast, you can use organic whey to loseweight, burn fat, feel energized, improve your health, and look & feel younger. Whey is the fluid that remains of the milk of any animal after cheesemaking. Cheese is made by clotting milk. After clotting the fluid is separated from the curd. This fluid is called whey. It contains approximately 50% of the lactose of the milk, as well as proteins, vitamins and minerals. The proteins are often purified and marketed as whey protein. Dried whey is called whey powder.

An even tastier alternative to whey powder are protein shots or protein shakes! A delicious drink with a whole lot of healthy nutrients to put your body in shape. However, if you are the traditional protein enthusiast, energy protein powder is probably still your best bet.

Darkest Half Blood Prince trailer


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The latest trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out and it continues to emphasize the dark and ominous mood.

In the trailer, Dumbledore narrates the transformation of Tom Riddle -- "a boy who made all the wrong choices" -- into Voldemort and lays out the challenges now posed to Harry. Along the way we get various glimpses of the Inferi, explosions in Diagon Alley, and a fire at the Burrow.

Personally, I did not like this trailer as much as the earlier bigger trailer that was released by WB some months ago. That one had everything packed into a nice package. This one just goes from darkness to darkness. Oh well!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince will release on July 17, 2009.

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