Environment friendly email signatures


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"Think of the environment before sending a cheque" - if your email signature reads like this, you may want to try something different that will actually help someone in some part of the world.

Simply sign-up with Reply for All and choose the cause you want to support - it could be Cancer cure, AIDS prevention, animal rights, children’s rights, global warming, clean water, poverty or education.

When you send an email using Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, Reply For All will automatically embed a signature into your message - the sponsor will pay the Reply For All service and that payment will be shared with the cause you may have selected.

The signature is optional so if you don’t like a particular banner in the email, you can easily delete it from your email message just like normal text.

The downside - while you can add signatures in Gmail with a simple drag-n-drop, Reply For All would require you to install a Firefox plugin.

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All about software drivers


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In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device.

A device driver simplifies programming by acting as an abstraction layer between a hardware device and the applications or operating systems that use it. The higher-level application code can be written independently of whatever specific hardware device it will ultimately control, as it can interface with it in a standard way, regardless of the underlying hardware.

Every version of a device, such as a printer, requires its own hardware-specific specialized commands. In contrast, most applications utilize devices (such as sending a file to a printer) by means of high-level device-generic commands such as PRINTLN (print a line).

Whether its HP drivers or Sony drivers, the device-driver accepts these generic high-level commands and breaks them into a series of low-level device-specific commands as required by the device being driven. Furthermore, drivers can provide a level of security as they can run in kernel-mode, thereby protecting the operating system from applications running in user-mode.

Most hardware manufacturers recommend you download the latest official (non beta) drivers on a regular basis to keep your computer running correctly. DriversSoftware.com has 3000 companies and 300,000 drivers listings for nearly every imaginable piece of hardware

For a painless house security


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Do you feel this is more or less secure than the old fashioned key lock?

Are you afraid that someone may steal your fingerprints?

What benefit would you think this has for your children to use instead of giving them a house key?

Did you know that you can program people to allow them temporary access during specific times? Who would this be good for? Do you see any problems with this?

Doors have locks to keep unauthorized people out, of course. Unfortunately, the reality is that door keys get lost, duplicated, or even worse… stolen. How about using a keyless lock? In fact, something more than that!

In this modern world when security is of critical concern, the Fingerprint Door Lock delivers an improved solution to an age old dilemma. The locks are easily installed on just about any standard door and provide businesses and homeowners with peace of mind, knowing that only the fingerprints of authorized users can access the lock. Forget about fumbling for your keys. After all, it’s a keyless lock.

Simply place your finger on the door lock and in less than 2 seconds, it recognizes you and you’re in. Never worry about losing keys or unauthorized duplication…ever! More importantly, secure any room with the most unique key on earth… your fingerprint.

Landlords can enjoy special advantages by using such a keyless lock, as there is no need to change locks every time tenants change, or spend time at the locksmith having extra keys cut. Also allows landlords access to all of their properties without carrying a large bunch of keys and eliminates worry about tenants failing to return keys.

A Local Search Engine


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Forget the big daddies - Google, yahoo and MSN - we have in our midst a truly local search engine. Want to conduct a local search in your town or city? Well local.com is your best bet.

More than just an online yellowpages, Local.com is a hybrid of Citysearch.com, Yelp.com, Yellowpages.com and Superages.com. Therefore, it combines the best of all worlds to give you the perfect result for any search query. So if you are new in the city and looking for local restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels or cultural centres, you know what site will help you!

Therefore, it won't be wrong to classify local.com as your local yellowpages. It has a refreshing web layout, and once you've used it you'll be hooked by the looks and the use of this innovative website. Enough of globalisation, its time for localisation now!