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Written on 2:30 PM by Sarthak K

Spring is past and the summer months have stepped in. While summers are a boon for some countries, for others its a hellish time trying to protect yourself from sunburns and dehydration. Moreover, one doesn't feel like working in hot and arid weather. So what does one do?

Simple. Take a vacation...
Working all year without a vacation is like driving a car for 12 months without stopping to change the oil. You might keep running, but you're probably heading for a breakdown. A change of pace is essential to help you relax and balance the multiple demands in your life.

Don't tell me you don't have time - you have a job - you're too tired for it! Just go for it and come back refreshed and revitalized to do what you have to! In fact, if you can afford it, take a leisuretime vip holiday. After all, the experience of luxury in an exotic destination of your choice coupled with beautiful weather makes too good a combo deal to miss! All you need is accommodation at a good national or international resort/hotel backed up by a fast and efficient reservation service. Everything else will just follow.

Here are my top 3 travel destinations this summer:

1. Netherlands

Location: Located in Western Europe on the coast of the North Sea. The immediate neighbors of the Netherlands are Belgium and Germany.

Capital: Amsterdam.

Tourist Attractions: The birthplace of Vincent Van Gogh is known all over the world for its windmills, dykes and tulip fields. However, this is not all there is to the country, for the Dutch are renowned for their urban planning. The capital, Amsterdam, is a city of contrasts, where cyclists pedal by past gleaming BMWs, and 16th century buildings stand next to modern offices. The Hog Veluwe National Park houses the Kroller Muller Museum that displays the paintings of Van Gogh.

2. Scotland

Location: It is a constituent country of Great Britain, in Western Europe.

Capital: Edinburgh

Tourist Attractions: The castles of Scotland, towering against the craggy coastline, are the most enduring symbols of Scotland. The snow capped mountains and the green rolling meadows add to the charm of the region. The lochs, or lakes, dotting Scotland are where the lines between legend and reality blur, exemplified by the de facto state symbol, the Loch Ness Monster.

3. Turkey

Location: Turkey spans both Europe and Asia. It is divided between southeast Europe and west Asia. The Black Sea on the North, the Mediterranean in the South and the Aegean Sea in the West surrounds this country.

Capital: Ankara

Tourist Attractions: The vast coastline is dotted with unspoilt beaches. The country offers a Mediterranean climate to tourists wishing to escape the bitter West European climate. The natural beauty of the country, typified by the mountains, lakes and sea is an additional draw for tourists. The rich history of the place, including the Byzantium and Ottoman empires, has enriched the country in the field of arts and culture. The buildings and sculptures of the Roman and Byzantium era are a testimony to the cultural amalgamation that took place in ancient Turkey.

That was Jusy my humble opinion. Its totally your choice where you want to spend your vacations!

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