Facebook Out to Clean Your Profile


Written on 1:13 PM by Sarthak K

Facebook is planning an early spring! The social networking site which famously opened its gates to developer applications in May '07, announced that it will soon be starting a way for app-happy Facebookers to keep up appearances by relegating many of their widgets to an "extended profile." By clicking the button, you will be able to hide everything except Facebook's own applications and a number of others, and a "Show Extended Profile" button will reveal the entire thing to you or your friends.

All Facebook noted that this may mean bad news for developers who've created little-known Facebook applications and are counting on viral buzz to grow their products. If those applications are rendered invisible by "extended profile" controls, that viral expansion could be stalled.

Aside from that, I think the "profile cleanup" is a great idea. One of my female friends' profile page is cluterred with 300 applications and its an onerous task waiting for the page to load (it even looks quite ugly with vampires and werevolves staring at you!) to write on her wall.

However, there are some applications like iread and superwall, which really add depth to a facebook profile and I feel it would be a raw deal for the developers of those applications.

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