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Apple will release a major update to its iPhone software this June, , including new features for businesses and broad support for third-party software.

Apple has revolutionized the capabilities of its iPhone, as it tries to appeal to gamers and businessmen alike, however users of the phone will have to wait until June before they can start benefiting.

Announcing the launch of its Software Developers Kit (SDK) at its town hall event in at its headquarters in California, the newly announced SDK will allow developers the chance to use the same APIs and tools that Apple says it uses in-house to develop iPhone applications.

The announcement is likely to cause an avalanche of new applications for users of the mobile phone. The company takes cues from both the business and consumer worlds, finally letting third-party developers in on the action to bring games, utilities, and other apps to the phone.

These impending changes promise to radically transform the daily experience for iPhone users.

The iPhone 2.0 update will include an iTunes App Store utility. Tap it, and you'll see a library of downloadable titles. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has indicated that, while the purpose of the App Store will be to sell software for the iPhone, many of these apps will most likely be free. Of course, that depends entirely on what developers decide to do.

The iPhone SDK will give developers access to most aspects of the device, from the touch screen to the camera to the accelerometer that is responsible for sensing when you tilt the device.

In fact, application developers have already announced grand plans. After studying Apple's newly released SDK docs for 24 hours, Sun decided it was feasible to develop a JVM, based on Java Micro Edition, for both the iPhone and the iTouch. Gameloft said it will develop more than 15 game titles for Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iPhone in 2008.

Applications developed for the iPhone will be distributed through Apple's AppStore and loaded onto the iPhone through the company's iTunes software. Apple will charge developers $99 to publish applications and take a further 30% of the revenue, however Apple has said there will be no charge for applications that are offered for free to end users.

The iphone 2.0 will be available as a free software update to existing iphone users on its release in June.

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Sources: Washington Post and Sky News

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