Business Networking with Konnects


Written on 6:43 AM by Sarthak K

Konnects is a brand new business networking site with over 350 city business networks around the globe. while the social networking scene is dominated by the likes of orkut, facebook and hi5, people serious about business are already making profiles on sites like linked in - one of the first such websites emphasizing the importance of professional relationships.

Konnects promises to give serious comptetion to linked in with its loaded profile features and its powwerful regional networks. To know more about konnects, check out this squidoo lens below:

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  1. Anonymous |

    Very cool posting.

    I work at Konnects and we are hard at work making the best professional networking site out there.

    If you are a professional, check it out and see if it can help you build your professional network online.


  2. Sarthak K |

    Thanks Brian. I nevver expected this blogpost to grab eyeballs of someone from konnects :D


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