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Written on 1:11 PM by Sarthak K

I have always wondered which is the best antivirus program for a Windows PC. Different magazines give different rankings and reviews to antivirus software of different companies. In fact, while gives the thumbs up to McAfee this year, there are many others who feel that McAfee is too lacking in features.

I personally use a Trend Micro Pc-cillin Internet Security Suite 2005, which has been working quite well for fact much better than my Previous choice - Norton Antivirus 2003, which slowed down my computer to death. Every later version of Norton that I tried actually ate up more of my PC's RAM. So finally I gave up on it.

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However, we must remember that the only constant is change. And after I checked the latest antivirus review by experts, I really want to try out Kaspersky. Check out this review:

"Despite a very competitive antivirus landscape, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6, released earlier this year, still stands heads and shoulders above the latest Norton and McAfee products and thus deserves our Editors' Choice for antivirus protection."

The best features of Kaspersky were listed as follows:
  • Virus Definitions Updated - Hourly (as compared to daily by PC-cillin & McAfee)
  • P2P File Sharing Protection - The only antivirus program other than Bitdefender to currently provide for P2P file sharing protection. So no need to be scared from viruses coming from limewire!
  • Scanning time on 80 GB HardDrive - 8 mins!! This is perhaps the best feature of Kaspersky. Compare this to others; McAfee - 1 hour, Norton - 35 mins, NOD32 - 24 mins.
With all these awesome features, Kaspersky was bound to win that award. However, I might still stick with my PC Cillin as yet. Its been doing a pretty good job and its suiting my PC (doesn't eat up too much of my RAM!) Mayabe in future I'd like to check it out - but who knows, it might be someone else on top in 2007...
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  1. Anonymous |

    The best AV is not to open any file you don't trust!
    I didn't install any AV software after getting a virus while running norton and I haven't been infected since then! Simply don't open any untrusted file!


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