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Written on 2:58 PM by Sarthak K

Hi! In my first post here, I would like to to tell all about this blog. But first, something about myself. I am Sarthak from India. I am a very highly opinionated person, have opinions on anything and everything. Out of such a mindset arose a desire to pen down my opinions, or rather reviews, of anything and everything under the sun. This is the result, the baby that has been born out of 9 months of contemplation! Ok here's a quick FAQ for whatever you would like to know about this blog:

Uhh, whats with the title?

Ahem..! You mean Wazzhot, I guess. Well in this age of short cuts, short skirts, short forms, short undies....alrite enough! Let me get to the point. Part of the selfish with words internet lingo of today, wazzhot - stands for whats hot? (as you aleready might have guessed..u geek!)

So What.......?

So...mmm, I'l try to post here things that are in vogue...or should be in vogue. things that are hot, things that you should try, things that you will enjoy...

Interesting...What exactly are these things?

You dirty mind!...well these things could be anything including websites, films, music, products, gadgets, software, OS....u name it!

Lousy Joke. But y the hell should I read you???

Good point! Well frankly, I have no answer to that. Its entirely up to you...Just like for reviewing a product, I'll have to try it, n test it...so u can do with this blog. Hope I pass in your test!

No more questions? Well looks like you're content right now. But if you do think of any questions later, you can always post a comment here. And I would love to respond. Alright, ciao!

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