Apple Iphone - The Revolutinary Iphone Unveiled


Written on 9:09 AM by Sarthak K

“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,”
-Steve Jobs, Apple CEO
Technology and gadget heavyweight Apple has confirmed its move into the telecom industry, unveiling the eagerly-awaited iPhone.

The iPhone brings together several features of the iPod, digital camera, smart phones and even portable computing to a single device, with a widescreen display and an innovative input method. Users will be able to download music and videos with the phone, as demonstrated by Apple boss and founder Steve Jobs at the annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

The iPhone, which runs Mac OS X, has full iTunes integration and can seamlessly synchronises data with a Mac, PC, or Internet service, including music and videos from iTunes, contacts, calendars, photos, notes, bookmarks and e-mail accounts etc.

Featuring a new input technology called “Multi-Touch” the iPhone consists of only a single physical button, called “home.” You actually control the phone by sliding a finger across its touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display, which has a resolution of 320x480 pixels at 160 ppi (pixels per inch) display.

The phone, which will cost from $499 (£257) to $599, will be launched in the US in June and Europe later this year.

I had already mentioned that we could expect the iphone in 2007 in my post - Things to Watch Out for in 007, but I had no clue that it would be a reality so soon! Well, a pat on the back to me for the great prediction :)

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