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Written on 11:02 AM by Sarthak K

I wish my readers A Very Happy New Year 2007. May all of you have a good and prosperous new year, and may you be able to fulfill all your resolutions. I wasn't able to fulfill mine for 2006, so I'm carrying it over to 2007 (cant tell you, you'll laugh at it...)

Wishes over, lets check out some things we can look forward to in 2007:

Windows Vista
The latest OS from Microsoft finds itself on top of wazzhot's watchlist because the home edition will hit the market in January. Microsoft knows how to be on top, even if it means topping the chronological order!

The $100 Laptop
Yes, that is right. A laptop costing 100 bucks! The initiative was launched at the MIT Media Lab. Biggies like Google and AMD are working with MIT. The current plan is to produce 100 to 150 million units by 2007.

The next generation TV marries the slim profile of LCD TVs with the brightness, clarity and response time of traditional colour TVs. The stage is set for some high definition TV viewing.

The iPhone
Sounds too good to be true. Though Apple never committed to it in 2006, well informed rumours kept telling us: its on its way, its on its way...". A wild predicition will never make you look like a fool I guess!

Harry Potter 5th Movie
The 5th Harry Potter movie - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; is on its way with a new scriptwriter and a new director. OF course, the main cast is still the same, with the ever attractive Emma Watson playing the not too attractive Hermione's character. Its slated for release in July 2007.

Harry Potter 7th Book
J.K. Rowling recently released the title of the 7th Harry Potter book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; giving fuel to the speculation that it could be published any time in 2007. Trusted sources predict that it might be in the market towards the end of 2007.

A Microsoft-Yahoo-AOL Merger
Speculations are rife in the web world about a possible merger between Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL to take on the internet behemoth Google. Such an alliance could possibly break the monopoly enjoyed by Google in the various services in blogosphere and Web 2.0.

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