Da Vinci Strikes Back with his Code


Written on 11:04 AM by Sarthak K

Hey readers! Don't get startled by the heading...did not intend to but I must have grabbed a whole lot of attention here. Just that, I grabbed the novel - The Da Vinci Code (Illustrated Edition that I won in a National Geographic contest!). Its been lying on my bookshelf for about 6 months and i just dint touch it...I mean, I've already ready the normal edition once earlier and all the excitement was gone.

But this time, as I picked up and read..I was again fascinated by the facts in this book (most of the facts are claimed to be true by the author). Facts especially about the Holy Grail - Mary Madgelene was supposedly the wife of Jesus Christ and not a prostitute as claimed by the Vatican Church!

Then the fact that there exists a secret society by the name - "Priory of Sion", which has existed through centuries and whose grandmasters included people like Boticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo etc.

Da Vinci was the most celebrated of the Priory grandmasters - and like all members of the secret society, was a worshiper of the sacred feminine, the divine Goddess whose worship the Church had almost eliminated by branding women as the tools of the devil and objects of temptation. All his works of art are said to have double meaning connotations and hints to his inclination, and his celebrated painting "Mona Lisa" is one of the most intriguing objects in the world. It is believed by some historians that Mona lisa is not actually a woman, but a fusion of male and female form. In fact, Da vinci Code claims that the name Mona Lisa is specially relevant for the fact that the name is an anagram:

Mona ~ Annagram of Amon - Egyptian God of male fertility

Lisa ~ Annagram of Isis - Egyptian Goddess of female fertility (also known as Lisa)
Da Vinci was too much of a genius in these matters. His painting - The Last Supper, is quite controversial in this regard and we'l talk about it in the next post.

PS: Apologies for the irregular posting. Have been busy with college projects!

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