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Written on 2:57 PM by Sarthak K

WazzHot readers, I'm sure some of you may have heard about a smash hit DVD called "The Secret." Released in March 2006, the film has attracted considerable interest and acclaim from primetime media figures such as Oprah and Larry King. According to Time Magazine, The Secret movie sold 500,000 units within the first 6 months! Newsweek puts DVD sales today at 1.5 million and more than 100,000 online views. But producers estimate millions have seen the movie. Compare that to Hollywood blockbusters, and it seems paltry. But in the budding genre of spiritual cinema, many view it as a success. Both The Secret book and the DVD rank as Amazon's top selling items.

It's the law of attraction. The power of positive thinking.
Now instead of a movie sequel, "The Secret" has officially launched a "how-to" training program. It's called "The Secret Science of Getting Rich" and features big name teachers from the movie - Chicken Soup for The Soul author, Jack Canfield; Positive thinking expert, Bob Proctor and spiritual leader Michael Beckwith.
The most successful and profitable internet launch of ANY product here-to-date using a word-of-mouth marketing strategy is clearly the smash-hit movie: "The Secret."

Millions of people are craving for anything that will help them gather what "The Secret" promised. One of those things was wealth. What "The Secret" decided to do was offer a "how-to" program, that is, a seminar and an affiliate program where some of the top teachers from the movie take you step-by-step on the road to wealth building.

However, you must know one thing.... It's not a cheap program, in fact $1,995 is the investment to participate! But for those who step up to the challenge, it might be a win-win opportunity to chuck that stressful day job. There may be a tendency for critics to look suspiciously at programs like this, but never has there been a program offered that combines the credibility of teachers already mentioned above.

This program is said to be the most comprehensive training system for mastering Wallace D. Wattles wealth creation philosophies since its creation. It comprises written, audio and live seminar formats for learning, applying and mastering the Science of Getting Rich. In short, it claims to bring "The Secret" to life.

I really do feel that this program might be useful for those interested in improving their financial conditions and are willing to take risks. Risk is after all the supreme driver of a sound business. Of course, if I had that much money with me right now I would have definitely given it a try...Wish I could open up this box of secrets ;)

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