Facebook Invitation Spam Gets Worse


Written on 12:35 PM by Sarthak K

Invitation Spam has become a major problem for Facebook members ever since they introduced the f8 platform. And unfortunately, Facebook still offers no solution to deal with this growing menace.

For instance, there are around 40 pending messages in my Facebook account each inviting me to “some” Facebook application. To clear this queue alone, I will have to hit the Ignore button on Facebook minimum 40 times.

The worst part is that each time I approve a new friend request on Facebook, this long web page loads itself in the browser. So it also makes Facebook slow.

Facebook is one platform which I really like...its way better than myspace and orkut and generally less spammy. But with such a plethora of applications, and the fact that all of them want a viral way to access your information, will mean that you'll get scores (maybe more, it depends..) of invitations from your friends to install an application.

Is there any solution to this growing menace? Maybe an "ignore all application invites" button would be a good option!

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  1. stephan |


  2. Anonymous |

    The solution is that Yahoo, AOL, Google, etc. need to have the guts to tell Facebook to quit. The Facebook practice of inporting peoples entire address book is irresponsible in the extreme.

  3. Anonymous |

    Dear facebook,

    I have discovered several severe holes in the site that should have been caught by
    Quality Assurance, but somehow have slipped through and remain on the site.
    These are not security holes, but holes that are liable to
    slowly erode the face of facebook and dissolve confidence in the product by
    many members and most hurtful, non-members.

    In the invite feature of fb, I accidentally accepted the fb
    feature to invite every single person that I have every emailed, CCed, or BCed
    in my entire life from Gmail. (hmm, a warning message would have been nice,
    once clicked, surely I would not have wanted to do that.)
    Once clicked, I immediately realized my mistake. After the initial
    embarrassment of inviting my whole world, I got over it as "oh well, my
    However, no daily email spam is sent out to these contacts, harassing
    that they join! Many unpleasant folks have contacted me and are very irritated
    at me and fb!

    I found a way in fb to remove all of these accidental
    invites, but it conveniently doesn't seem to work correctly.
    The following process/path I used and the error that I was
    confronted with:
    facebook > friends > invite friends > View all
    invitations > Select: Not Yet Joined
    :: Popup Delete Entries? "Are you sure you want to delete these 100
    entries from your Invitation History?" Delete

    "Something went wrong. We're working on getting this
    fixed as soon as we can. You may be able to try again." OK

    Could somebody else or a team of people, try hard to
    improve this site with very simple enhancements?

    Update: fb requires you delete these invites one by one. Deleted.
    However, here it is a week later and the weekly fb spam has been sent
    out to all of the formerly invited contacts again!!! What a joke!
    Horrible business practice!!


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