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Written on 5:20 AM by Sarthak K

I recently watched the bollywood movie - Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar(MP3) on a friend's recommendation. And dudes, I loved it. A teen flick with a completely new stars, a wonderful mix of comedy and romance.

It is a flick that takes you back to your school days. Back to the times when you had your first crush. However, you may not have pursued the girl you loved to the extent the young protagonist in ‘Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar’ does – right to the Eiffel Tower in a Tom Cruise style.

For teenagers, ‘MP3’ is a film they can directly relate to. For adults, it is a trip down the memory lane. And mind you, memory never fades when it comes to one’s first love. You always remember it.

Rohan (Ruslaan Mumtaz) and his group of friends enjoy the school life to the fullest. They attend classes, bunk them, talk about girls, talk about their sexy schoolteacher, play pranks, and do all the things that any pack of brats of their age would do.

Ayesha (Hazel) is a fresher who has come from abroad. Her first meeting with Rohan is a bit bizarre. After a series of interesting encounters, the two become friends and eventually fall in love. Find out the rest of the adventure for yourself!

What you instantaneously like about the young school-going pair is that they are in character. Neither Ruslaan Mumtaz nor Hazel strain for effect to show they're supposed to be falling in love for the first time.

There's a natural progression to their friendship that's never jerked by redundant drama.
Most refreshingly, the parents on both sides are supremely cool about the growing fondness between their kids. "Clean up the mess," Ruslaan's mom orders as he tucks dreamily into chocolates on the living-room sofa.

Love, if you must know, is no big deal. Live with it.

The naughty bits among the school brats are well matched by the coochie-cooing in Paris.What you like best about this teen-dream is its unassuming pacing. No sighs of strain in the storytelling, no quickening of the pulse and no moments that repulse. The movie had released a few months go, but sadly, poor publicity had it off from the cinema screens pretty soon. However, this is one flick which is getting popular by word of mouth (and word of blog!)

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