How to Disable Video Ads in MSN Messenger


Written on 1:24 PM by Sarthak K

You can disable video ads at the bottom of Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messneger) and make sure that it only displays static picture ads. Follow these steps :

1. Go into Show Menu > Tools > Options
2. On the Options window click General on the left side.
3. Find "Video Carousel" line on the right side.
4. Uncheck "Show Video Carousel" and click OK.

Info Sources: Solid Documents Blog and imessenger

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  1. Anonymous |

    the new MSN does not have a "General" tab, it seems like the fuckers are forcing us to see the bullshit they think is important...

  2. Anonymous |

    Indeed! it think its fucking outrageous that we have to fucking look at fucking adverts! I even fucking moved the ad below the taskbar so as to move it out of my way, later on, messenger moves itself up, and the ad is clearly in view. I hope the peple who coded that it get rabies and die.

  3. Anonymous |

    MSN Messenger is FREE.

    You didn't pay for it so where do you get off saying the programmers should "get rabies and die?"

    The project has to make money somehow (so those non-rabid programmers can feed themselves and their families) and they way they do that is through advertising.

    Take your sense of entitlement and shove it up your ass as you uninstall the FREE program if you don't like it.


  4. antiMS |

    Yep retard , ms need to make money from adds in msn, they are starving and love to bugs users.

    BTW retard , heres the help to users who dont care about ms lovers, like me :)

    Download A-Patch (free) to remove ads in MSN Messenger. Remember, removing ads from MSN Messenger is against the term and condition prior to the installation of MSN on your desktop.

    Bye Retard

  5. Anonymous |

    your all fkn retards

  6. Anonymous |

    This is a message to Whom Thing because messenger is " FREE " That it alow Microshit to spam our life,
    NO MSN ARE NOT FREE FROM THE VERY START SINCE MICROSOFT OS ARE NOT FREE .. that mean clear and simple Microshit DO not have right to push us to Spam !!

  7. Anonymous |

    You shouldn't say 'retard' guys.
    Come on.

  8. Anonymous |

    MSN should make an option for people who love their ads and want to support 'free' services with more and more invasive ads. Every minute an ad will pop up, you must click it to continue your connection to the 'free' service, if not be disconnected. Then add gamification to it, after every 100, 500, 1000, and so on clicks on an add, the 'free' user gets a badge to display on his msn pic. That would make some users happy, like the guy who wants to support the poor starving families who work at MSN devising new ways to push ads.

    For the rest of us who are not interested in the ads, maybe MSN could have us an opt out button? When people get tired enough they will search out other programs to use that have less, or no ad pushing.

    MSN: viewing your ads, and pushing your video website, turns people off, people will find alternative ways to communicate to avoid your BS tactics. Make yourself look good by providing people with a button to turn off the shitty ads. thanks.

  9. Anonymous |

    It's all about the money


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