Darkest Half Blood Prince trailer


Written on 5:51 PM by Sarthak K

The latest trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out and it continues to emphasize the dark and ominous mood.

In the trailer, Dumbledore narrates the transformation of Tom Riddle -- "a boy who made all the wrong choices" -- into Voldemort and lays out the challenges now posed to Harry. Along the way we get various glimpses of the Inferi, explosions in Diagon Alley, and a fire at the Burrow.

Personally, I did not like this trailer as much as the earlier bigger trailer that was released by WB some months ago. That one had everything packed into a nice package. This one just goes from darkness to darkness. Oh well!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince will release on July 17, 2009.

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  1. Anonymous |

    omg looks so good. this looks like it might be the best one yet. can't wait. i'm counting down the days.

  2. Anonymous |

    i don't think this trailer is too dark, i think that its ok for this book since this book was darker than the rest

  3. Anonymous |

    Yeah, if you think this trailer is dark, you obviously haven't read the book...

  4. pooh_babe1488 |

    OMG this looks awesome... I seriously cannot wait for this installment of HP to come to the cinemas...

  5. Anonymous |

    great trailor man..i liked it!!

  6. Anonymous |

    Omg, i think that trailer shows how much darker the movie is, that it's not for children anymore .. I liked it, thumbs up ! :D

  7. Anonymous |

    i ment how much darker THIS movie is in compare to the others :p

  8. Sofie |

    it's amazing!!!!
    every movie that gets out i think it's the best one... but i'm sure the lest movie will be the best!!!!

  9. Anonymous |

    Wow... This is definitely going to be some movie. Can't wait.

  10. Anonymous |

    cant wait for the film as the trailer looks amazing!!!! It is darker than the others but will be just as great

  11. Willians Daniel |

    este es la pelicula de HP que mas nos han hecho esperar, el suspenso en que nos tienen es increible!!!! y hay que esperar hasta julio... noooooooo!! HP y el principe mestizo yaaaaa!! no podemos aguantar mas...

  12. Willians Daniel |

    y el trailer esta espectacular!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous |

    This trailer definitely makes me want to see the movie even more than I did already. I don't think it's too dark, it's perfect. It shows exactly what is meant and supposed to be shown and makes you wanting more. I LOVED IT!!!!!

  14. sarthi |

    ohhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait till july 17th............harry potter movies & books are awesome

  15. Anonymous |

    OH EM GEE!!!!
    ii Cantt Waiit Till JULY!
    But i have a question... does anyone know who that lady is in 1:12 ? im so confused xD
    Just a feww more MONTHS!!

  16. Anonymous |

    she is narscissa malfoy


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