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Hello WazzHot readers! You'd be surprised to know that I recently took part in a BBC World Service Radio show called "Over to You". How I got to be part of such a prestigious radio show is an interesting story.

I was reading the Editor's blog on the BBC News website one fine day, and he had done a very interesting post called on India called India Rising. I enjoyed reading it and posted my comments on the website for that post. Now it so happened that in my comment I also chanced to write the words "Harry Potter", and linked them to one of my blog posts on Harry Potter's 7th Book on this blog.

Two days later, I received an email from Russel Finch, the producer of "Over to You" which is broadcast every week on BBC Radio 1. Here's a small extract of that email:

"Dear Sarthak,

I hope you don't mind me emailing you. I'm contacting you through your blog which you linked to in a comment on the BBC website...

...I wonder whether you would be interested in coming on our programme to give us your opinions on how the World Service has covered India over the last week. "

Of course I was interested! The rest, as they say was history. I don't want to deluge you with the details of how the show went - I'd rather that you listen to it when its uploaded as a podcast on the BBC World Service website, which happens this Sunday, 26th Feb.

Will surely post the link where you can listen to it once its up and live.

Rajan Dattar, anchor of Over to You on BBC Radio 1

I was mesmerized when I saw the BBC Bureau here in New Delhi (thats where I went for the recording of the program). Its amazingly well maintained, with an exquisite interior architecture, excellent lighting, and a quite peace about the whole place. Would surely love to visit the place again...You would too, if you had a glance at it!

Over to you now...:-)

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