Valentine's Day - Showering Spiritual Love


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Love is in the air...!

While love has mostly been linked to romantic love there is also a spiritual or divine angle to love that is often ignored by us denizens of the 21st century. I would love to put down a few love quotes actually penned down by his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

* Pain is a very essential experience in life.
You will never experience love otherwise,
as love also brings pain.

* Love is a deep desire to bless the existence.

* Only the heart can speak or hear that which is authentic.

* Every time you feel pain in your heart,
or in your mind,
you can tun it into an experience of great love.

* Dont sympathize with people in their misery,
You are only reinforcing their feelings
and self pity will arise.
Self pity is the worst disease
that can happen to anyone.
Just be with them in love and compassion.

* In love, the unreal dies.

A very happy Valentine's day to all my readers.

PS: My friend Aditi has been observing for the last 5 years (thats what she tells me) that the weather on Valentine's day is always beautiful - romantic weather to be precise. Let's see if its true :)

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