Sony MP3 Walkman with Sound Cancelling


Written on 10:12 AM by Unknown

Sony Corp has very recently launched its first walkman MP3 player series, with original crystal clear audi technology and professional quality headphones "to offer an excellent music experience even in a noisy environment." The Walkman MP3 NW-S700 F combines a noise canceling function, clear bass and clear sterio technologies to provide high sound quality.

The noise cancellation efficiency is about an astonishing 75%. Besides this it also has an FM tuner, Color organic EL, 50 hour continual playbacks, Direct sound recording, USB bus power charge etc

Its been dubbed the best sounding Walkman by audiophiles.

Although released in Japan, Europe and US on October 12 2006, it arrived in India only this month. Wonder why Sony always delays he best technology to India. American companies like Apple and HP are so much better in this respect.

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