Being on Orkut Could Land You a Job


Written on 2:33 PM by Sarthak K

Orkut is one of the most popular social networking sites in the Indian subcontinent and even in some Latin American countries like Brazil. In fact, what Myspace is to America and Americans, Orkut is to India and Indians. Almost every Indian netizen has a profile of him or her on orkut.

But did you know that 25 per cent of job recruitment by BPOs in India is done through social networking websites? Read On...

A resurgent and hungry corporate India is actively scanning these social networking websites to fill up its ever expanding ranks. Media student Rajeev Pawar, 22, from Rizvi College and also an Orkut user recently got one such job offer. “I have been part of the BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) community on Orkut for a year. I was offered a job of creative writer by an advertising agency,” he says.

Human resources consultant Raghav, founder of HRinIndia Ltd, says recruitment through social networking websites is a new trend, but one which is expanding rapidly. Netscribes India, a knowledge solutions company, has been recruiting people through the social networking websites during the last year.

“We check the individual’s personal and professional background on the website and when we think it is as per our need, we contact the person. It is a new idea; but it’s working out fine,” says Nikhil Nagda, HR Associate, Netscribes India.

Even companies like Ma Foi Consultants experimented with social networking site for a short while, allowing individual departments to use Orkut for their recruitment needs. “We did use Orkut for head hunting. It wasn’t organised, but done at an individual level,” says Karishma Gupta, Head, Human Resources, Ma Foi. “But it didn’t yield much and we had to restrict access.”

A point that K Sudarshan, Operations Manager with HR Axis India, agrees with completely. “For all you know, the employee might not work at all and become a part of the social networking website for personal reasons,” he says.

Nagda, however, says that the benefits of using Orkut and other social networking sites like LinkedIn as a recruitment platform far outweigh its disadvantages. “The process is fairly simple. We go join the different communities formed within the networking sites. That allows us to scan profiles and then we initiate contact with people who have potential,” he says.

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