Idea Cellular Customer Care Sucks


Written on 7:07 AM by Sarthak K

IF you are living in Delhi, you sure must be aware of the GSM provider called Idea Cellular. After all, its the abode for you if you want ultra cheap call rates and sms - but of course, there are no free lunches. What Idea cellular offers through its cheap call rates, it takes back through its poor customer service.

For the past 2-3 days, I'm facing an odd phenomenon in my Idea SIM that I've never faced before. I have an Idea Prepaid sim card, and my balance has gone into negative without any rhyme or reason. In fact, yesterday when I checked, it was -3.66 and today its -5.66 rupees! I tried calling up Idea customer care at 4444, but the response I got was -

"All our customer care executives are busy, please try again later!"

I tried calling Idea customer care repeatedly for one hour, and got the same pathetic response. Then I called up randomly, once every half an hour - again the same situation!! Then I tried to sms their customer care (which is obviously free) at 12345, and this time my sms would not go because I would get the message -
"Message Sending Failed. No Network Support for Messages"

I then and there decided to write this post. My blood is boiling, and I really despise the Idea cellular punchline - "An idea can change your life!"

It sure does change your life by irritating you, annoying you and raising your blood pressure, thus making you more prone to depression and ill health!

That is why -

Idea Customer Care Sucks

If you have an Idea Prepaid or postpaid connection and faced such problems, please do comment here! Till that time, I will contemplate whether I should quit using Idea for my cellphone or not.

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  1. Sonia |

    Sad to hear about your experience! I was an idea prepaid user myself..and I left Idea for a similar reason - the customer care was just not responsive! Sometimes it would take many days before I could manage to talk to a customer care executive. And even after I got through, some of them would be quite impolite if not downright rude. They should rename their customer care as idea customer harrasment :p

  2. gurpreet |

    I myself am a Idea Prepaid user and I agree that their Customer Care sucks... U never get any support from them...

  3. Anonymous |


    Man this is true today only i could not connect to customer care reason : No option for selecting/speaking to customer care. This sucks and it's f.....g disgusting

  4. Anonymous |

    i m also trying to talk to idea customer care since last 2 or 3 days n still unable to contact. All the time the response is All Customer Care Executives Are Busy To Asisting Other Customers.

    Its really poor network

  5. suneel |

    i've taken new connection n idea provided plan of std Rs 1.30/m but my call activated std@Rs 2.60/m nd no customer care service not supported for this fault
    thats y idea customer care really got sucks

  6. suneel |

    i've taken new connection n idea provided plan of std Rs 1.30/m but my call activated std@Rs 2.60/m nd no customer care service not supported for this fault
    thats y idea customer care really got sucks

  7. Anonymous |

    Yes i fully agree that idea customer care is very poor. I have been following up for discontinuing the dirty dialer tone on my parents mobile since last four day. The phone number given for customer care is useless having long range of options making your life difficult to find out the right options. The customer care executive, when i finally reached pretended that he is not able to hear me and disconnected my call. IT SURELY SUCKS! they better not come up with any new idea..


  8. Meenakshi Hardikar |

    Forgot to add that yes i also was getting the same message that
    "All our customer care executives are busy, please try again later!" though i was trying on the customer care number 9822012345.

    Same here even my blood is boiling. I have written so many mails on

    finally i found one more email id looks like the direct email id i forwarded mail to this email id as well.

  9. stuart |

    This is the worst Customer care one can come accross. I totally agree with all of u here that it sucks.
    And here in Maharashtra even customer care guys are rude and hopeless... Sometimes I feel that why I still continue with this Damn IDEA connection...

  10. Anonymous |

    its very very pathetic..
    out of nowhere my balance gets deducted n when i try to reach cust care, it leaves some crap message...

    "IDEA" - just hope that ur life doesn't get changed !!!

  11. Hitender Singh |

    I had the Idea connection for 8 Years, 7 as a prepaid user and as a postpaid user for last one year.

    I called up the customer care to activate my ISD and guess what they deactivated my STD instead and demanded that I pay up outstanding bill (Due date was still 10 days ago)

    I gave up the connection at that very instant.

  12. Anonymous |

    I too admit that....Idea customer care sucks big time...once i had an issue with some free caller tune provided by Idea.I just wanted to deactivate that and the customer care rep says please switch off the phone and switch it back on (with his pathetic english as an added feature) caller tune will get deactivated in a sarcastic way WTF!@!#!...what the hell does he think of me? i yelled at him with profanity after that and spoke with manager about this and told him that IDEA SUCKS with their customer care.I immeadiately switched to vodafone.

  13. Anonymous |

    idea really sucks......i knw.....i have a balance of 250+ in there and my cell isnt working.....they say service unavailable....i cant even call at their call centre....i really need 2 change my network but what shal i do abt my rs. 250?

  14. Deeksha Kotwalwala |

    Idea cellular overcharges!! Then takes ages to process the complaint...And finally when the adjustments are made...They are horribly inadequate...A mere 10% or so what the overcharged amount!

    What's more..every time you call the customer care..u hv to explain the same problem over & over again...

    I think if I can put up with IDEA i can put up with any damn thing..

  15. Anonymous |

    Hi Guys,

    I am from bangalore. I was using idea for more than 1 year and 5 members in my family are using the Idea connection. Recently i have opted for their 3G service too. The speed of 3g connetion is pathetic in all prime locations in bangalore. even it take ages to load any page. And one day surprisingly i had seen that all the money from the account is emptied in one night. I haven't done any download or anything else and this was through the free trial period of the 3g plan. I raised a complaint 2 days back and got got the assurance from the customer care that they will resolve the issue in 6 hours. now 48 hours are gone still no action. I called the customer care twice today morning. Those guys are disconnecting the call after 10-15 seconds of conversation. Better the company can go and start begging instead of donig all these ass hole behavious

  16. kabir |

    idea customer care sucks and sucks n sucks. fuck all the agents sho disconnect the call.. i called n number of times n their agents who are just jahil n anpads.. fuckings dont know. how to handle any query.. just disconnects the call.. is this what they are getting paid for.. they fucking sluts...
    idea sucks.. today.. i ll switch to airtel the best company and idea customer service u just suckn suck..fuck offffff..
    my query was that network in ma phn was not comming n they jahil n anpad just kept on disconnecting my call every time.. when ever i ask them that y my networks are not comming they just used to disconnect my call and finally after calling fucking idea for number of times when i got connected wid 1 good rep n i asked him to please tranfer my call to your supervisor then he said that he is transferring my call n that bitch's son as well disconnected my call..
    idea u suck my dick n lick my ass,l fuckk off

  17. Amit Paul |

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I had decided to port to Idea and submitted all necessary documents to Idea Store in OMR Road Chennai on 19th April 2012. Unfortunately I have not yet been ported to IDEA, even after repeated calls to the idea nodal office and customer care. I have visited the same Idea store 4 times to inquire about the delay, but I never got any proper answer.

    Today morning I called the customer care, and the gentleman conveniently blamed me for the delay. I quote "Sir It is your FAULT to switch to IDEA". I AM AMAZED at the response. All I can do from here is to CURSE MYSELF FOR OPTING IDEA.

    Mob: 8939722331
    Porting Code: TT673386


    Amit Paul

  18. Anonymous |

    Idea customer care sucks
    Network sucks
    Everything is delayed and hardly people are responsible.

    Hate it to the core. Trying it to my best to shift to airtel/vodafone asap.

    Extremely Dissatisfied customer

  19. Anonymous |

    What can you expect from their customer service....when they ask you if UK is a part of US :-((...


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