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Written on 2:47 PM by Sarthak K

Digital Filmmaking Blog is as the title says - a blog on film making - digital filmmaking to be precise. It is authored by who else, but yours truly :-) Its tough maintaining 2 blogs when blogging is a hobby you cannot devote your full time to!

It is quite unfair to review my own blog, but I'll give it a try. I'd rather appreciate that my readers check it out and post their thoughts and comments here. Now to the review. Filmmaking is quite a specialized subject, in which few people might be interested in. By those I mean people like film school students, amateur filmmakers, independent and short filmmakers and so on...

But those who are genuine movie buffs and appreciate the art and craft of cinema also follow the ways of making a film. It is quite exciting, challenging, well paying and of course a lot of hard work! Now my blog focuses on ways to make a good digital film - things like choosing the right camera, Shooting for the Web, DV Shooting Tips, how to film from a car and so on....

Most of the material I have there is stuff learnt in my film school (yes I'm a film student - just graduated!) , some from filmmaking books (not copy pasted though), some from the net and rest by reading other filmmaking blogs. The design of that site is pretty serious and decent. A smart, decent package on the whole I feel. The only problem - my posting frequency has declined and I'm trying to work myself on improving that! Would appreciate some comments...

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