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Written on 1:06 PM by Sarthak K

Its been more almost a month since I became a "World News Editor" at - a community powered website which allows you to become editor and posts stories about your chosen field or niche. I chose to be a news editor because I have always had a great interest in current affairs; so much so that the phrase "eating up the newspaper everyday" could be perfect to be applied on me! Click here to view my profile on Qwickly.

About was created by a group of freelance writers with the idea that a well run community is of greater value than any one individual. Our team oriented organization places each member of the community on equal footing, providing the ultimate in checks and balances.

Our editors are an eclectic group of dedicated writers who each offer specialized knowledge on a particular subject matter. From pregnancy to cell phones and music to recipes, we are confident that each editor is capable of offering valuable expertise.

We believe that we’ve created the preeminent live reference tool available on the internet today. Everyone who visits contributes to the community, even if by merely browsing the site.

See one of my news entries at Qwickly here.

If you are interested in becoming an editor, you can apply here. Qwickly also shares advertsiement revenue with you - you get 80% and they pocket 20% o the revenue that your news entries generate. Revenue genrated is directly credited to your Adsense account. Dont have and adsense account? You can easily make one by clicking the adsense banner at the bottom of this blog.

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