Deathly Hallows Scans Leaked Online?


Written on 12:29 PM by Sarthak K

Finally, finally, it seems, there is a real leak facing Bloomsbury and Scholastic - publishers of the UK and US editions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows respectively. Less than a week before the book is out, amidst reports of secret and high security warehouses for storing the coveted book, the internet is abuzz with pictures of pages from the supposedly American edition of the 7th Harry Potter.

Have a look:

harry potter and the deathly hallows

deathly hallows scans

harry potter leaked scans

Looking at the above scans, it is difficult to say that its a fake or a hoax. What do you think?

Anyways, I really wonder why someone would take so much trouble as to take pictures of each and very page of the book and then upload it on the net! Although as far as the news is concerned, the whole book has not been leaked but rather 2/3rds of it. But still, thats a major security breach which ought to be investigated! I personally have not gone through any more than the contents section and the first page of the first chapter...and those of you who hate spoilers better not!

For those who just cant resist, you can find more pictures of the above mentioned leak here:

My earlier posts about deathly hallows leak and deathly hallows chapter 1 leak were of course cases of fan fiction being glamourised, but they were definitely very well written fan fictions. Rowling would be proud!

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  1. CrazyRay |

    This is old news, you're late on this one

  2. Anonymous |

    Actually, the link is really interesting. It has the same pics as in the carpet book. but the date is much earlier, July 13!!!

  3. Anonymous |

    I saw the new book over 3 weeks ago. Thats the beauty of working at fedex


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