Cooking as a Career


Written on 11:22 AM by Sarthak K

Yesterday morning I was searching for a few recipes on the net - for my mother. While I was busy searching I thought - what if I was a cook! I am not really fascinated by the idea of cooking as a career, but a couple of my friends are doing courses in hotel management - and one of them actually wants to be a chef! While thinking about this I realised that there are lots of good colleges and courses for hotel and restaurant management - but there are few schools that are totally devoted to the art of cooking. I did find out a few good cooking schools giving specialized culinary education, click here to read about one of them.

Culinary education prepares students for various jobs within the food service industry, from restaurant management to pastry chef. It certainly attracts a large number of young people, but it also appeals to older people who wish to change careers, many of whom dream for years of following a full professional course before finally getting around to signing up. When thinking ahead about your culinary education, don't forget that there are several other numbers that should be included in your budgeting equation that just tuition alone.

While a great culinary education can be expensive, remember you're investing in the career of a lifetime.

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  1. stubsy |

    I find cooking very enjoyable and have often wanted to be a chef, from what I've seen on TV it looks quite stressful


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