A Month After Deathly Hallows


Written on 11:43 AM by Sarthak K

deathly hallowsIts August 21, exactly one month after Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows was released worldwide. By now, all Harry Potter fans would have already read, and some even re-read the book twice or thrice! But what after this? Do you feel the same feeling of emptiness? The time is here when we wont be eagerly anticipating, discussing, and predicting the events of the next Harry Potter book.

Even though I did not really relish the 7th and final harry potter book (read my review of Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows), I do feel a sort of hollow within me. Maybe the same feeling which Harry felt after Sirius died. Though Harry hasn't really died, it seems his adventures have surely come to an end.

Harry Potter fans who will relsih anything Harry potter, here are some latest HP updates for you:

Do check out Emma Watson's official website if you haven't already, its quite nice!

IF any of you find a book as unputdownable and re-readable as Harry Potter, please let us know via comments.

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