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Written on 10:28 AM by Sarthak K

Hello dear readers! Apologies for the long delay in posting. I was unable to post on account of busy-ness and laziness...Anyways, I got some news for you.

As you can gather from the title, I've just made my first forum at

You may wonder..."what on earth is slgp?????"

Well S.L.G.P. stands for Social Linking and Getting Paid! Actually, I've made it stand for those words. The reason I bought a domain like might appear absurd to some, but here's the story:

This was an expired domain that had a Google Pagerank of 4 when it expired, and someone was selling it at Digital Point forums. I bought it for $20 at that time (May 2007) but since I did not use its pagerank fell to 3 in the PR update that happened during the last week of May. So I got my act together and made a word cloud advertising site at the main domain, i.e.

However, I was worried that it might not be very seo friendly since the content was bound to be static. Hence, the idea dea for a forum on the subfolder. I haven't really promoted the word cloud site much yet, I'm actually hoping for it to get back to PR 4 in the next update so that I can profit better from it. So I've started promoting the Social Linking and Getting Paid Forums and have got a few good members there. The forum discusses things like blogging, social networking (orkut, myspace, facebook etc), social bookmarking (netscape, digg, stumbleupon etc) and other discussions related to the internet and blogging. You might call it a webmaster forum but its not because the forum categories dont go deep into hardcore webmaster stuff like scripts, domains, directories etc. In fact, I'm sure it will be a heaven for newbie bloggers, mid-pro bloggers, internet geeks and laymen alike. The basic aim of this forum is to help bloggers achieve profitability and popularity from blogging.

We are a small community right now and I'll be grateful if you could sign up and help contribute to it - Cheers!

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