Jesus Christ Conviction Illegal: Court Case in Kenya


Written on 1:24 PM by Sarthak K

A group of Kenyans have grabbed media attention here after they filed a suit at the High Court challenging the arrest and sentencing of Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago.

The Friends of Jesus, through Judiciary spokesman Dola Indidis, told the court this week that they want to set the record straight that Jesus was innocent. They alleged that the arrest, torture and punishment of Jesus was unlawful and amounted to violation of his human rights.

Indidis told Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch that he discovered last week that a serious crime had been committed against Jesus. He said there was need to move with speed to seek orders to declare the punishment meted out to Jesus 2000 years ago illegal.

The prosecution named the respondents as Tiberius, the emperor of Rome between 42 BC and 37 AD, Pontius Pilate, the governor of Judea during the time of Jesus, Caiphas, the high priest, Jewish chief priests, Jewish elders, Jewish teachers of the law and King Herod of Galilee.

Lawyer Michael Chemwok said he had not served the respondents with the suit papers as required in law. It is not known how he is going to serve the papers on them to appear for the hearing of the case or even to appoint lawyers to represent them because they all died many years.

But the judge ruled that the case was not urgent and directed Indidis to take hearing dates from the court registry. The High Court is on vacation.


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  1. Eduard |

    Well, I guess Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the defendant, forgave them all long ago so ... :))


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