Harassed by Friend Requests from Strangers?


Written on 8:29 AM by Sarthak K

Many of us are hooked on to the social networking websites like Myspace, Orkut and hi5. While these help us catch up with old friends and make newer ones, there is another more annoying aspect - unknown people sending you friend requests without any rhyme or reason.

Women are especially harassed by net stalkers who keep bugging them on the internet with friend requests. If you have a beautiful pic on your profile page, you are bound to be flooded with hundreds of friend requests from the romeos of the cyberworld.

The above picture is my orkut homepage, where I have 4 new friend requests from people I hardly know...there were 7 requests in fact, of which 3 I denied before the idea of showing it to my readers struck me. Though I'm a guy, I'm a very reserved person...and enjoy my small cirlce of friends. I dont really mind making friends on the net, but at leastt there should be some commnication before...instead of suddenly sending a friend request!

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  1. Appu |

    Can we exchange links?

  2. SK |

    i would love to exchange links, especially if ur blog is related..but u havent mentioned the link

  3. Anonymous |

    ya ...This is true! atleast there should be a hai before one sends a friend request!

  4. Sarthak K |

    @nithya: quite true...of course the site is meant for social networking, none of the guys even sent a scrap or email with a hi. It was like "maan na maan, mein tera mehmaan".

    And I don't want to fill up my friend list with people I hardly talk to..


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