UK Bowled over By Gadgets


Written on 9:58 AM by Sarthak K

Consumers in the UK will buy about 30 million electrical and electronic items over the coming six months, according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Its research shows many Britons regard items such as cordless phones and electric toothbrushes as "essential".

Electrical consumption by consumer gadgets is expected almost to double over the next five years.

The trust is calling for gadgets to carry labels warning shoppers how much they will cost to run.It believes labelling might persuade shoppers either to buy less or to choose more energy-efficient models.

This increase in electricity consumption would result in greater carbon dioxide emissions

Research carried out for the trust suggests Britons are increasingly regarding electrical and electronic items as indispensable.

Two-thirds of people planning to purchase a cordless phone said it was an "essential item", while a half of those intending to buy an electric toothbrush said the same.

The British Gadget Shopping List

Over the next six months, Britons intend to buy:
digital cameras - 2.5 million
mobile phones - 2.5 million
televisions - 2.25 million
computers - 1.75 million
cordless phones - 1.25 million
DVD players/recorders - 1.25 million
microwave ovens - 1.25 million
mp3 players - 1.25 million
electric kettles - 1.25 million
hairdryers/stylers - 1 million

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