Security Flaws in Windows Vista


Written on 12:11 PM by Sarthak K

Serious flaws were found in Microsoft's latest operating system offering Windows Vista which was released to corporate customers late last month, according to media reports on Tuesday.

Among the flaws - one discovered by a Russian programmer allows hackers to increase a user’s privileges on all of the company’s recent operating systems, including Vista. Another major flaw was found by the Silicon Valley firm Determina in the new Internet Explorer 7, which could be a gateway for infecting user machines with malware if they visit certain sites.

Determina also discovered a bug that would make it possible for an attacker to repeatedly disable a Microsoft Exchange mail server simply by sending the program an infected e-mail message.

Microsoft said that it was investigating the threats but found so far that a hacker must already have access to the vulnerable computer in order to execute an attack.

With few days left for the much touted Operating Sytem's launch, it will be a worrying trend for Microsoft if more such vulnerabilities are discovered too soon. Here's hoping that Vista turns out better than its hackers think.

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  1. Andy |

    I read earlier today of a user updating their drivers and having Vista deactivate itself! I think this is an OS to stay away from for a little whilst they iron out the flaws,


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