Unlimited Free Web Hosting now a Reality


Written on 10:28 AM by Sarthak K

Wikia - the creators of the Wikipidea (the largest free online encyclopedia for the uninitiated) have recently launched a free web hosting package with unlimited bandwidth and connectivity. In fact, the platform will provide free storage, bandwidth, software and computing power. It is a totally ad free open source program and you can even combine your adsense account with it to generate 100% revenue for yourself! The service, tentatively titled OpenServing is a big boon for those with low budget and high ambitions.

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As you can see from the demo, the layout is quite similar to digg, with all the users writing articles and voting for their favorites.

I have already registered myself for a blog site there. However, it is not fully available yet. You might see the following message on the site, " Openserving will go live shortly." But its better to register as early as possible so that you can book your preffered domain name.

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